(Thursday) Blow your chills out into this book case.

Firstly, a quick word about the podcast. It's slowly growing to the same size as this blog! Thanks, if you're one of the people who have subscribed to it. Don't forget my email address is www.captainhowarewe@hotmail.co.uk for any comments you want to add. If you've not yet listened, you're missing out on a whole host of fun. It's got clips of my stuff from The Bay, and new bits with me talking at Scorton Country Fayre and so on. It's ace. The next one will be even better.

Also, don't forget my forthcoming guest appearance on Jett Loe's Letter To America here. I feel like I've overhyped that a bit now, in that I only sent him a short clip over. It's a piece about how to make a proper English cup of tea. Still, I'm sure the rest of the podcast will be a treat.

A mate of mine was talking to me recently about "new media" and how it's different to the old way of doing things in places. One of the Golden Rules in the mainstream is you don't mention or plug other stations and channels. You wouldn't hear me go on The Bay and mention, for example, Radio 2. Even if it were in a negative light. It's just not the done thing. New media feels different in that respect. I guess that's because you don't have channels of delivery like you used to. You're almost plugging the next show on your channel. Or something.

See, the above is what happens when old media people talk about or think about the internet. We shrivel up and start to look silly. There's no reason why we should do that but we do. It's fear, pure fear of the unknown. I read an article recently that argued that the internet is not like a motorway which replaces horseback riding. It's more like trains versus a motorway, or something. Trains obviously wouldn't work on a motorway actually, now I come to think of it, but that wasn't the point he was making. He was saying something else. I think. Hew was saying the net won't replace the old way of doing things, it'll work in tandem with it. And.

I don't know. I'm starting to shrivel up again. The internet is changing everything. Mumble mumble.



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