(Thursday) Kiss my little forum.

I got a text off my mate Lloyd recently: "You should read Mary Sweeney's blog. She's nice and she bigs you up on it". I've had a look and she does. It's a good blog. You should go and have a look: here. While I was at it I had a little scan through the blogosphere and also found this chap: HERE. He also says nice things about me. How nice.

Talking of nice people I'm very much enjoying the work of Jett Loe at the moment, who blogs over HERE. In fact a while ago I submitted an audio sketch to him which he reckons he's going to include in his next podcast. How exciting! My favourite bit of his work that I've stumbled across is this video here:

I'd go as far as to say that's one of the best internet only bits of media that I've ever seen. That's kind of annoying because it's exactly where I feel I should be with my internet stuff but I'm currently miles away. I can't even get a hundred people to subscribe to my podcast, let alone my YouTube videos.



Jett Loe said…
Thanks for the kind words Nick!

And yes, you're wee bit of englishness will be highlighted on the programme being recorded this weekend...

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