(Tuesday) Pull my singer.

Me and the lady went to see Stewart Lee doing his new stand up show today at Bar XS in Manchester. Although we've seen him before he seemed slightly shorter this time. He was also a little chubbier than I remember him. He spoke in his set about going to weight watchers, something which requires a lot of bravery, in the same sort of league as say; "a fireman or a policeman". His new stuff is great. Really great. Me and my lady laughed like little kids. Here's her review of the event CLICK HERE NOW.

Unlike her I can remember his set pretty clearly. He talked about Tom Conner, going to weight watchers, being commissioned to write a TV series that was never broadcast, having his first child, the Big Brother racism controversy and Russell Brand. It was awesome. He unwittingly fights a battle in my head with Simon Munnery for comedic supremacy. I'm not sure who is winning at the moment.

We bought a CD of his before leaving the venue and were both full of excitement at having found a new comedy venue in Manchester: XS Malarkey. Their regular compare is Toby Hadoke, the fella who features in the video of my stand up at Beat The Frog.

On the subject of YouTube videos I'm a little annoyed to see that some of my creations have been copied from my YouTube site and posted onto other rival sites. That seems a little ungentlemanly to me. It means I can't keep track of how many people have watched my vids. Arrgh! Annoying.



Lydia said…
You could argue the best comedian is the one who is the greatest improviser. He who has the greatest comedy reflexes. However, some of the funniest and most memorable gags we all know are surely highly scripted and rehearsed.

I prefer Stewart Lee to Simon Munnery as he is congenial and inclusive. Simon is fantastic, but he is also abrasive and confrontational.
jodester said…
'unlike her i remember the set pretty clearly'?!
i could so remember the set thanksverymuch - i just didn't want to give it away too much! so hush mister 'i love stewart lee more than you'! haha

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