Two possibles come in at once. How funny.

I'm engaging YouTubers in debates. I can't help it. I've got some sort of bug. Currently I'm debating the right of the Phelps family to 'freedom of speech' (click here, I'm Johnnythreepants) and the conspiracy theory monkeys who get their facts wrong (here, again as Johnnythreepants).

The discussion about the Phelps family runs something like this:


bring a paintball, or a bb gun with a scope to one of these things and seriously injure them from on top of a building.


Better yet, bring a sniper and kill them.

JohnnyThreePants (me)

You disagree with their right to freedom of speech? Good luck posting on things like YouTube when people like you get their way.


Im not disagreeing with their right to freedom of speech, but when you go to soldiers funerals saying 'Thank God for IEDs' and 'Thank God for Katrina', as well as saying America and basically everyone besides those in the WBC are fucked, you have to draw the line somewhere. Theres a line between; getting your point across, and hate speech. These people are on the hate speech side.


So were you yourself not indulging in a bit of "hate speech" when you called for a sniper to kill them?

Like I say, good luck posting things like that when people like you get your own way.



I think me and a number (about a billion or more) want that to happen. So its not exactly just me.


I agree. The majority do want an end to free speech. One day, you lot will get your way and the world will be a lot poorer for it.


What I love is that the guy firstly denies he's opposed to freedom of speech, which he plainly is, and then secondly he backs off with the classic; 'well everyone else was saying mean things too'. It was a fun discussion I think it's ended there though as he's not replied again.

Then there's the conspiracy theory monkeys who are getting all hot and sticky over Alex Jones. Unfortunately no one has replied to my comment identifying a flaw (which my mate noticed) in the documentary Terrorstorm. The narrative argues that Tony Blair needed the terror attacks to win the election. I pointed out, along with another poster, that:

I agree with blue69revolver. Tony Blair won the election BEFORE the bombings. It's a factual error which discredits the whole documentary. I emailed Prisonplanet about this error when the documentary came out. Still waiting for my reply.

Ironically no one has a reply to that one.

Conspiracy theories are great, right up until the moment they hit reality. It gets embarrassing around that point.



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