(Wednesday) Winning.

Blo#dy hell! Look at what's happened in Sheffield:


I'm in shock as I watch the footage. I can't believe it. Madness. Total madness. I seem to have managed to avoid hearing about it all day. It makes me miss my old City.

I'm in a nostalgic mood generally today.

For various reasons I'm listening to a lot of my old phone in show tapes at the moment. Some of the stuff I've heard is, although good, not quite fit for the purpose I need it for. It does however make for a good YouTube video.


It's already got five stars so why not log in and give it a high five yourself? The more stars it gets the more I'll make. I've got days and days of audio sat in my garage. I could practically stream a 24 radio show of the stuff without repeating myself for about two weeks. The only problem is that it's not in any sort of order. Most of it isn't even labelled! Nor is it divided up into tracks. It's just 90 minute audio chunks on 100's of CDs. One day, probably when I'm old and grey, I'll sort through it all properly.

I ended up listening to the show I did on the night on the July 7th terror attacks. It's an odd experience, they work like little time capsules. Loads of people from South Yorkshire giving their viewpoints on one of the country's most significant events. I still passionately believe that people who live in the area deserve their own forum for opinionated, lively debate. It's a shame that none of them feel they are able to provide that anymore. After what's happened this week I actually feel a bit guilty, like I've let them down.



Jess said…
I remember the 7/7 show. I'd left London that morning just missing the first attack . I rang up ranting about ID cards and the need to have them introduced. Classic knee-jerk reaction to an emotional subject.
Obviously, I've wised up since but at the time I really meant it.
Nicholarse said…
Jess, I think I have the audio of this. I might post it up if you've no objections?

It's an interesting piece and you hold your own well in the discussion.

Jess said…
No problem.

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