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Opie and Andy

Slurping the leftist braintubes.

(Tuesday) Chop it out and

Snort a big fat one.

R Dawkins: "Open your mind but not so wide that your brain falls out".

(Saturday) Ar#e sandwich.

(Friday) Listen to the bird song and write it all down.

(Thursday) I need some more proof that this Dawkins bloke exists.

Shoot the burgers and then lick the fries.

(Tuesday) Just not yet.

(Monday) I'll post some review

What do you mean?

Sting the bee.

Blew my big greens and waiting for the news to filter

(Thursday) A little bit of banter on the side.

Singing songs into the silence and being excited by the echoes which come back

(Tuesday) I'm not convinced.

Oh I wish I was a hunk pocker with a safeless grin in my pose

knocked one out and that

(Saturday) Backs of my legs are burning.

(friday) and then you just peel that off and pop it in the bin.

You've got a girlfriend? That's so gay.

(Wednesday) I've been going out with Taz

A lesson I learned.