(friday) and then you just peel that off and pop it in the bin.

Here's the YouTube video of my stand up:

Actual real people, laughing. Not booing, not talking and getting bored, laughing. It's impossible to understand the significance of this to someone who was once booed offstage for being unfunny. Not controversial but simply unfunny. In my imagination this set was the best in the world. In reality it just went pretty well and there's still plenty of room for improvement. For the moment I'm happy.

Off to Edinburgh now, on a stag weekend with my old flatmate. It'll be odd wandering round a place like Edinburgh during the festival when on a stag weekend. Hopefully it'll be like all the others I've been to and NOT like the stereotypical "wahey the lads man" jaunt which I always imagine. I've never been on a rowdy stag weekend, it's something I want to avoid. I'd be surprised if this one was like that.

Hopefully I'll find an internet cafe and keep this thing updated.



dan morfitt said…
chuffing great set. warms up slowly but once you hit the racism gag going in to the leg amputation gag, you were flying.

kudos sir.
Nicholarse said…
Thanks man! NM

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