(Friday) Listen to the bird song and write it all down.

One of the odder but more compelling stand up shows that we saw while in Edinburgh was Martin White's "Do Something Martin!". It was a show which picked up on the universal theme that wasting your time in a go-nowhere office job isn't good. Even if you're earning a lot of cash, it's not what life's about. It followed the journey made by the performer, Martin White, from office worker through to the accordianist/commedian that he is today.

There were four people in the audience.

Now, to me that's a f#cking bonus but to most it's a sign that they've wasted their time. "Wahh, I wanna see The Ricky Gervais like everyone else is, this guy's not famous!! Waaahhh," I imagine their logic goes. It was always one of the attractions of the Zumebar comedy club [internal backlink to a random review] that no f#cker ever seemed to turn up and so you'd get first class acts literally performing to you alone. So, "Do Something Martin!" was unintentionally intimate. However, on the other hand, it was also intentionally f#cking brilliant. I mean, really good.

The fact no c#nt had turned up added impact to what he was doing. The story/musical he was performing explained how he'd quit a well paid office job to do what he was doing; stand in a large, almost empty, room singing songs and making jokes. There's a thin line between pathetic and heroic. I use pathetic in it's truest sense, pathetic as in travelling with pathos and meaning towards tragedy. All heroes need pathos. How is it anything other than great that he was following his instincts?

Unlike some of the other acts we saw he was a professional in that he gave his performance everything he had. I got the impression he was doing it because he loved it and as a consequence I enjoyed it all the more. I was transported away, straight into the story he was telling. I was with him every step of the way and I'm convinced that in two or three years hundreds of people will fill that room every day he plays. What a story that will make.

I'm nervous about doing my stand up. It's on Monday.



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