knocked one out and that

Yesterday we watched a bloke called Jason Cook who occasionally comperes at The Frog And Bucket. It was okay but not as good as he usually is. I felt it was a bit like watching a 'censored for telelvision' version of him. I've seen him be much funnier when doing his 'club' act. However it's a show which has left a real impression on me and I can't help but stop and remember bits of it as I've been going about my day today. The more poignient stories have left me thinking, particularly the stuff about his Dad. I felt like I'd seen a bit of theatre when I left. Odd, but good, but he's usually funnier.

I think perhaps my opinion of him is overshadowed by the herculean comedic powers of Phil Nichol. Holyf*ckballs he's good! Ain't no doubt about that. This was a new show, so I had my doubts that it'd be as good as The Naked Racist but they were'nt needed. This show is even better. It's more mature, more interesting, more profound. Blo*dy awesome. He's easily one of the best stand ups working in the UK. He might even be shifting into the top spot as far as stand ups go. I reckon this show beats Stewart Lee's current show, I'm excited about Simon Munnery's latest offering. He'll surely top Phil Nichol?

We then went and saw Reginald D Hunter. He was good. It was more straight stand up than the other two but it was good. There was a great bit where he explained the genius of the phrase "I'm sorry, I made a mistake". I've since used that wisdom to great effect with my girlfriend. There's no comeback to it. Do something wrong, look at the person concerned and say as calmly as possible, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake".

Other than going for a jolly nice curry and doing 'the truffle shuffle' in a bar we didn't get up to much else yesterday. I then spent most of today sleeping and waiting for my little lady to turn up so we can do The Festival in earnest.



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