A lesson I learned.

I did two radio shows today. One of them went out live and the other now lies in storage for tomorrow. I'm not a big fan of "voicetracking" but without it there's no way I can keep up my other passion, performing stand up comedy. This date was booked before I signed up with The Bay on a full time basis and my boss has been good enough to allow me to still honour it. Unfortunately though I think I'm going to have to cut back on gigs soon and it's possible that the one tomorrow will be my penultimate performance. I've got another booked on the 20th at The Frog And Bucket and then that's it for the forseeable future. It pains me to think I might have to leave it for a while but I can't keep voicetracking shows, the audience will cotton on to it in the end.

I intend to tape this performance on a little mobile mic for my podcast, Homemade Nonsense Volume III. Click here to subscribe to Homemade Nonsense. This episode is intended to tell the story of what it's like doing a stand up set when you're new and a bit sh#t at it. Should be a gudden.

Thanks to all the people who texted and called my show today. I read out one of those scam emails and osetensibly took it seriously on air. "Ooh, I've got an email here from someone who wants my bank details so they can deposit $150 million. What should I do?". The listeners rang in and warned me it was a scam with one caller admitting that a mate of theirs had fallen foul of an email like the one I'd described and lost £5,000! Madness.

All in all it was a good show.



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