Oh I wish I was a hunk pocker with a safeless grin in my pose

My liddle lady arrived today in The Edinburgh. We've got ourselves a nice flat in Edinburgh for the week. The first act we went to see was a bloke called Andrew Maxwell. I didn't have high hopes for this guy, he's often a little bit too blokey" for my tastes. Tonight though, we were pleasantly surprised. His set was well delivered and contained a lot of worthwhile material. I enjoyed the friendly sort of "I'm your mate" style which he had. Previous performances of his have failed to deliver that for me so it was nice to sort of feel part of his gang.

After that we watched a bloke who I'd not previously been aware of, Will Hodgeson. Now he was f**king great. Seriously, f**king great. He dished out a long monologue without any real concession for the laughter of the audience, pausing only to look like he was going to cry here and there. What was great about him was the stuff he actually said. I found myself in a room full of people all agreeing on things I thought most people wouldn't. Great. Really, really, great.

After that we went to see The Improverts. They were a comedy group who improvised according to audience suggestion. I thought they were okay but wasn't blown away. There was a feeling of "school play" about them. However, the show was sold out and the audience f**king loved it.

We only went because we were off to meet up with Podcaster Jett Loe. He and his mate who are working on Constant Comedy.com were looking around for hot new comedians, I think. It was good to see them, Jett's a fun bloke. He reminds me of a sort of Tom Green figure.



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