(Saturday) Backs of my legs are burning.

As soon as I arrived in Edinburgh yesterday we were straight in to watch Stewart Lee's show. It was great. Oddly though, not as good as it was when me and my girlfriend saw it in Manchester. Perhaps it was a trick of the venue, Bar XS is a pretty special place, or perhaps it was that he'd "refined" his set and left out a couple of bits. Nothing crucial but there were a few nice touches which were no longer there. I'm not sure. I was tempted to bootleg it on my fantastic recording device but right at the last minute I bottled out. It'd only be for personal use but it's naughty. I might do it next time I go, when my lady arrives here and we see him again.

After we watched The Stewart Lee we then went to watch The Jim Jeffries. He was good, although the bit at the end of his show when he talked us through getting punched in the face at the comedy store felt a bit tacked on. I'd have actually preferred it if he'd left that bit out. It knocks the flow of the show out a bit. Still, it was a great show.

We also went and watched Tony Lee's XXX hypnotism show. I'm not a big fan of stage hypnotism and this show didn't really convert me. People onstage making an ars# of themselves is nothing new. The only thing that elevated it was that one of our crowd got up onstage and got his ars# out. That really was the highlight of the show. Puts my little review in context doesn't it?

More beers flowed.

We then witnessed a brief but vicious fight in a pub, the details of which are sketchy. Someone shouted something like "you don't know who you're f#cking winding up" before breaking a bottle and knocking ice and glass all over the room. Then a security guard flew in and grabbed the bloke in a headlock and rushed him out. The students who'd fallen foul of his anger then looked shocked and confused for a while and one of them started crying. It was a brief and ugly moment which I didn't really take in because I was drunk.

Unlike an earlier incident of naked human unpleasantness which ran like this. Crowd of people, tall blonde aryan woman with curly hair striding along with her boyfriend hopping behind her. Little young student bounces infront of her without seeing her. Blonde woman grabs her by the shoulders and flings her callously to the ground. Like a 4x4 on a rabbit. Her boyfriend hopping behind apologises on her behalf as the blonde carries on down the street, not a trace of emotion on her face. It's one of the most f#cked up things I've ever seen.



Lloydd said…
You are more likely to be a victim of violent crime in Scotland than any other country in Europe; as well as USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Fact.
Nicholarse said…
I'll keep that in mind.


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