Singing songs into the silence and being excited by the echoes which come back

Yesterday me and the lady went to see Robin Ince's show. It was an odd experience, he seemed distracted and kept commenting on jokes which he felt hadn't quite worked. I've noticed that the more comedians critique themselves onstage the more the audience feels stupid for laughing at things and the worse the gig gets. I've even seen comedians in the past totally f%ck up their own gig simply by occasionally hinting that things aren't going as great as they'd like.

I like Robin Ince's stuff, he's a good comedian. This particular performance though wasn't really up to scratch.

The next thing we watched was one of the "So You Think You're Funny" heats. While there we bumped into the Jett Loe who was very excited about everything. He was with his mate Ben, the man behind Constant Amusingly we kept being told to be quiet as we waited for our show. It was really surreal. We were stood in a crowded room, loads of people were talking and every now and then a woman would come up to us and tap us on the shoulder and ask us to be quiet. I couldn't work out why she was singling us out specifically. But she did. Everyone else, it seemed, was allowed to talk and shout as much as they liked. Just us four had to shut up.

In the end they seemed to finally notice we were all being noisy and the woman stood on the steps and asked everyone to be quiet as we waited because other shows were also taking place nearby.

Fair enough.

I suspect Jett is just one of those people who attracts situations.

Today we went to see Ivan Brackenbury, as orchestrated by my mate Tom Binns. It was a sold out show, the venue was packed and it went down a storm. Fantastic! I was, as usual, a bit nervous about it before he went on. I've known Tom for a while and have watched the Ivan thing change and develop over the past few years. But it's a class act and it hits every note perfectly. There's a video of it here:

It's the first of three, so if you want more follow the link by clicking on the screen twice.

We had a quick drink with Tom afterwards and then we ran off to get some food and watch Josie Long, who was fantstic. She's the sort of comedian who makes you want to do comedy. She reminds you that it's possible, like Bill Hicks did, to squeeze philosophy into stand up. She was brilliant.

After that we watched Jerry Sadowitz. He was good. But I felt a little like I was watching Bernard Manning at points. Or once, when he used the word "paki". No need. Still, he's getting old. That's what happens to people I guess. They become a bit embarrasing.



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