Slurping the leftist braintubes.

I'm wrestling with my beard. I think it might have to go. I'm sort of bored of it. The only problem is that when I remove my beard I appear to have a big wobbly chin. If there's one good thing about beards it's that they give a chubby featureless face a bit of definition.

My girlfriend forwarded this website to me recently: I'm not sure I've quite reached the dizzy heights that some of those chaps have with their facial hair. Mine's too patchy and uneven.

Me and the lady tried last weekend to stratigically shave off most of it and just leave my sideburns. Once we'd finished we were confronted with the fact that unlike most people I've only got one sideburn, as opposed to two. The left hand sideburn is patchy at best and non existent in a strong wind. I'm dissapointed about that, I always had enormous respect for a bloke called Gaz Coombes, he managed some of the 90's most respected sideburns. I've always wanted that look but it's beyond me. Unfortunately whenever I try it I look more like a confused tramp who tried to shave without a mirror.



Lloydd said…
I can grow a really thick beard in four weeks. However, it then needs trimming at this stage because the neck hair seems to grow faster than the face hair. Having a bushy neck but not face is weird. It's not Islamic style, as none of it comes from the chin. It's all from the neck, like a goat.

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