(Thursday) A little bit of banter on the side.

I love it in Edinburgh. It's an amazing place when the festival is on. The City itself is incredible and if you add to it, the best and biggest arts festival in the world, you're on for a sure fire winner. The first show we go to see: Free Sex and Violence featuring the combined comedic talents of Nick Cohen and Nick Pettigrew*. The show is basically two stand up sets, one from each performer, loosely based around the two themes respectively. Nick Cohen gets in a great joke about the reasons for invading Iraq being the same as those given for not invading Korea. What's particularly good about the joke is that it wouldn't really work in print. Find him, go see him and make him tell you it.

Following on from this free show we went to see Simon Munnery's AGM. Now, I've been a fan of his for a while now and have even used this blog to preach to people about how good he is, however, this particular performance felt a little flat. After the lukewarm reception he got at Glastonbury I'm starting to think perhaps all is not well in the Munnery camp but it could just be that I've raised the bar too high for him. I dunno. I felt confused after seeing him. He made no secret of the fact that he didn't really know his set very well and he kept fumbling though his notes and mumbling punchlines. It annoyed me because he had a lot of good material in there, just he didn't seem to really want to be there himself.

As is the usual deal with his AGM show afterwards the audience are invited to hang out with him and it was this bit that I enjoyed the most. Particularly as he gave us a performance of his Sherlock Holmes monologue which I find funnier each time I hear it.

I hate to give a bad review of one of my favourite comedians though and he's still more interesting to watch than most.

What rubbed salt into the wound was the fact that Phil Nichol on the other hand was f#cking unquestionably amazing. I loved every second, despite the fact this is the second time I've seen his show. In fact it was quite interesting in that respect to see how the show has evolved and improved in such a short space of time. It's a better show than The Naked Racist was, no question about that. Hence Phil Nichol now fills the top spot in my Nick Margerrison live comedy Top Three:

1 Phil Nichol
2 Stewart Lee
3 Simon Munnery

After that we watched The Best In Stand Up which was a free show showcasing four or five comedians. There was a fantastic atmosphere there but unfortunately by that time I was far too drunk to remember names and places.


*I think that's how their names are spelt.


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