(Tuesday) Chop it out and

I'm stuck fast in the world of The YouTube... I've discovered a great site called www.stumbleupon.com which is providing me with loads of video delights. Like this one below "Simpsons Censored":

Or this one of Jessica The Hippo:

Or this one which is better than it looks at first glance:

Or this one with Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteen routine:

Or this beauty... Simpsons Star Wars intro done by a fan:


I'm still recovering from last night's comedy excitement! It'll all be podcasted soon.



Anonymous said…
I think The Simpsons clip is less a case of censorship and more an example of good script editing. The joke is very apparent, and doesn't need spelling out with the Iraq line. It's more poignant in the final cut.

Looking forwards to the podcast, although I'd like to think you're going to plough on with the stand up. You've got something, it may a be a bit of a diamond in the rough, but you're onto something, and it's a passion. Try and stick with it. Commercial radio is strewn with the burnt out shells of anyone who ever tried to be different, you're too good to let that happen to you.

GL, Long time reader, first-time poster.

PS. From reading your words over time, you are a bit of a leftie, like it or not. Stop giving them a hard time just because you balk at the idea of being in a gang. With most media in this country rabidly right wing, and serving the economic interests of big business, you're a classic example of someone who's been made to feel that 'liberal' is a dirty word, when it's just a synonym for humane.

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