(Tuesday) I'm not convinced.

Y'know, I just don't like lefties. I used to. I used to be one of them. Now I've drifted. I'm not right wing, far from it, I just think there's an unpleasant smugness to lefties which I simply can't stomach nowadays. I always forget how much they annoy me and it's situations like this one which remind me very forcefully.

I'm sat in a bar listening to some santimonious video called variously "Anthropology 101 - the ultimate lecture" and/or "Anthropology 101 - The 'end of the world' lecture". I've searched The YouTube but can't find the thing anywhere. It's a little bit like the rather smug "aren't people just awful everybody" video I made a while ago.

Only longer and more sanctimonius. During one of the longer 'deep silences' where people were forced to consider their own awfulness I couldn't help but say in a loud clear voice: "f%cking hell, I'll never vote Tory again".

Oops, they didn't like that. I get a couple of dirty looks. It's the extent of their rage. Nothing http://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifmore happens. I carry on watching the nonsense.

I should be grateful, it's a cheap stand up gig organised by WMD awareness called Get Up Stand Up. We've just watched two great acts, Nick Doody and Ivor Dembina. On soon is a bloke called Marcus Brigstocke, he's good. He made us laugh at Glastonbury. We wait as a woman gets up and sings in an Irish accent as loads of the audience look deep and mournful. She's singing about how tough prostitutes in Amsterdam have it these days or something.

Then Marcus Brigstocke gets up and does some of his material. He's quite lefty himself and the crowd are enjoying things then he unfoots himself with the following question "who here is scared of Muslims"? People are too frightened to respond. "Seriously, is no one here scared of Muslims?" this time a couple of people pluck up the courage to answer; "we're not scared of them". He moves on. We never find out what he was going to say. I'm a little dissapointed in myself. I was happy to annoy lefties earlier with my vote Tory comments but didn't want to express this viewpoint here infront of people.

Overall it was one of the more interesting moments of my life.


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