(Tuesday) Just not yet.

I've posted up half an hour's worth of the old phone in show on MY PODCAST SITE. Don't forget it's a piece of p#ss to subscribe if you go over to that page and click the correct button for your preferred podcast software. I'm an iTunes man myself. In fact I've today discovered that my new mobile phone has enough memory to store loads of podcasts. With the loudspeaker option it's almost like a portable radio! Brilliant news. I've been listening to a combination of rubbish comedy and Tony Robbins as I drive around in my car.

However, despite the fact that I've posted a new podcast, it's not correct to say that Episode III of Homemade Nonsense is ready because it's not. It'll be out the end of next week and will tell the tale of my final attempt at Stand Up Comedy as my last ever gig looms at the start of the week. I'm nervous as f#ck and am practicing as much as I can. It'll be weird to know that it's my last gig for the forseeable future. I look forward to being able to tell you why.

Go and listen to the podcast. Remember the days when I talked both b#llocks & profundity to South Yorkshire and The North Midlands. CLICK HERE NOW.



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