You've got a girlfriend? That's so gay.

I'm still recovering from the shock of what happened yesterday. I didn't expect that at all. I've listened back to the tape I made of it and have decided to cut it into a YouTube video as swiftly as I can. I'll refrain from blogging any further about it for fear of overhype. I'm still not the world's greatest stand up comedian but I really wasn't sh#t. I've been told I can probably get another gig in Worksop off the back of it. Madness.

I'm still hooked on CELEBDAQ. I've bought a sh#tload of shares in Mel B out of the spice girls. I'm also stocked up on some Angelina Jolie shares. I reckon if I leave that ticking over while I'm at The Edinburgh Fringe I'll make a pretty packet of pretend money. Perhaps I'll make so much that it'll somehow turn into actual real money. Probably not.

My Tony Robbins training suggests that I should buy real life shares in actual real life. I'm toying with Celebdaq as a sort of stepping stone to that. The other bits of advice that he gives seem to give fruit and I really do need to sort out my money sooner rather than later. I'm just so disorganised about it all. I've always used the "ignore the problem and hope that makes it all okay" technique. It's not very effective.

I don't yet feel excited about going up to Edinburgh. That's annoying as it's going to cost a fortune.



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