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500 Million.

Windows Eat Doors Now.

And you know you're only dreaming (Tuesday)

Crumble the pie...

(Sunday) ...Undermight

(Saturday) ... Scrumba the humba

Stark bleached fools ...

(Thursday) I need a wee.

(Weds) Sleeping giants.

(Tuesday) Shrug and shrug and shrug.

What's the smell?

(Sunday) You lord it you bag

(S#itturday) The wheel...

(Frirday) The Day before H.C.

I think I've kissed something

Drop the pill...

It's so cold in the middle...

(Monday) Boil down Tall here.

(Sunday) Stand up

And the last one goes here...

Ogle the ogre

Ticking clock don't laugh at me. Ticking clock don't scold me so. Ticking clock, - learn to listen! Only then will time you know.

Tune into the blue light and listen for the future...

Hey sister soul sister roll sits there ho mister.

Up town and out of sight.

(Sunday) And it all goes well.

(Saturday) Don't know if they got that.

(Friday) I'll fight you... and you.