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(Saturday) Don't know if they got that.

A little bit drunk me and a couple of mates hack a random tree with a f#cking great big Samuri sword. We're p#ssed, we're grown men and we're still f#cking stupid. Wootey takes a proper whack at the branches of the tree as I try and film this historic moment on my camera phone. Big Ears has already stuck the tree a gudden and my turn is coming up. I'd be dissapointed to think that I might ever not think this kind of thing was a good idea. That moment might come in a couple of seconds from now when I clumsily swing the sharp sword and lop off one of my mate's fingers by accident. I'd go from wacky funster to f#cking wanker in a matter of seconds.

Fortunately that doesn't happen and I just tw#t the tree like the daft c#nt I am. For a moment I think I've broken the sword but I haven't. We return it safely to its rightful place and then scamper back drunk and excited.

Life is always stupid and often good.


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Dawkins' Best Mate said...

Trees are the lungs of the earth.

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