(Sunday) And it all goes well.

There's a massive and still raging debate on the internet at the moment as to whether or not this interview is a wind up or a genuine awkward clash of personalities. The video is about 50 minutes long so if you're reading this at work make sure you've got a good chunk of downtime on your hands...

The evidence for and against it being a wind up is as follows...

It's a wind up:

25 minutes in they're talking about uncomfortable moments and the way in which they fuel comedy. This immediately preceeds the show's "set piece uncomfortable moment", the moment where Ricky Gervais swears under his breath in amazement at Garry Shandling's rudeness in not making him a cup of coffee.

It's for real:

They both come out of this looking pretty bad. Ricky Gervais comes over as slimy and Garry Shandling appears unnecessarily confrontational. The broadcast of this piece was put off countless times and then put out almost without warning. "A source" said that the experience put Gervais off doing another series of 'Ricky Gervais Meets'.

I think that the evidence for it being a genuine clash of personalities outweighs it being a wind up but it's hard to say. Very hard.

As a consequence of this video I've massively got into The Larry Sanders Show.



xkarenflowerx said…
Wow. . it was awkward to watch.!

I think Ricky Gervais came out of it pretty well, at least he was actually trying and had a sense of humour ^.^

Garry Shandling. . very narcissistic :/

Ps. love your blog, nicholarse :D
Lloydd said…
I have just watched this video. Both Ricky and Garry come across as funny. I took all the awkward moments including the "coffee incident" to be quite deliberate. I am amazed that people are even debating it. To me, there is no ambiguity. They worked well together I felt.
Lloydd said…
Check this out Nick. It's Chris Rock's most famous comedy performance. Maybe you've already seen it?


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