(Sunday) ...Undermight

The final few Asylum shows are being broadcast this week. I wanted to make it along to the one tonight but it's turned out that I can't make it. Instead me and the lady spent the night together with a little bit of pear cider. Tomorrow I will drive in to my new home: Birmingham! I'm going to make an effort to say hello to all my new work collegues. I'm cr#p at remembering people's names and faces but I plan to do the 'wander round the office' thing tomorrow. I managed quite well to say hello to people at The Bay and make friends. I want that to be the case at Kerrang.

It's tricky though. I'm worried that the people there will all be really cool and I'll stick out. I'm not and never have been "cool". It'll be a ball ache if I have to try to be. It sounds really wet but I intend to be honest with 'em. I'm a geek. I like comic books, Dr Who, and have a rubbish haircut. I also have no tattoos. Oh dear. I think even writing the above entry confirms my lack of cool.

I hope I don't need to be cool.



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