(Sunday) Stand up

"I'm having the best day of my life" squeals my girlfriend as she recounts the day that she blogs about here during the World Beard Championships. Stuff like that is brilliant and surely what life should be about. I was amazed when I trotted round The Scorton Country Fair this year. It was a Country Fair which showcased tractors from years gone by. F#cking wicked. I have a theory that people who have an interest in something become interesting. It's like geeks who love Dungeons and Dragons and/or comic books, war games and Dr Who. Traditionally people like that are looked down upon as not being cool, mostly though they're the most interesting person in the room.

The comedian Stewart Lee does a great riff in his current set about being asked to perform comedy at a festival which celebrate insects called Pestival*. In the riff he explains that their enthusiasm for such an ecelectic thing was infectious and equally confusing. Looking round their website I'm equally baffled: www.pestival.org.

I guess that's what I enjoy so much about Louis Theroux's TV shows. You get a glimpse at sub-cultures who are really excited about something you might never have considered before.



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