Tune into the blue light and listen for the future...

I don't intend to mention on the air that I'm leaving The Bay. "Hey guys, goodbye everyone!" I'd be saying as half the audience wondered who I was anyway. I've often had callers ring in convinced I'm Darren from Darren and Lorna fame. A "goodbye" would just feel silly and it might also make me feel a bit sad. Rather just wrap up the show and then not turn up for work next week. Easiest way.

Unlike the last place I've decided to organise a leaving do which will take place next Monday. I'm a bit nervous about it. What if no one turns up? Just me on my own in a pub looking glumly at a wall. That'd be grim. I always feel nervous for other people when they organise their leaving dos. If there's only one thing worse than a leaving do where no one is there it's one where there are only two people. This has happened to me before. You feel locked into a strange pact where you both feel like you should at least try and pretend. Couple of drinks. Few polite words. Field a few polite and frankly bullsh#t excuses from people who should be there but aren't and then wonder when you're going to make your own and leave. Not good.

Meanwhile I'm stuck in the world of Celebdaq. I'm making more money than an American arms dealer on a sales trip to the Middle East. Unfortunately it's fictional money that I'm making. Ruined.



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