What's the smell?

I'm moving to work at Kerrang Radio. It's all quite exciting. I'll be doing a late night show with a heavy level of speech. Kerrang Radio is based in Birmingham so I'll be moving over in the next few weeks. The show goes on air on the 1st October but I'll be getting down there ahead of that date to get an idea of what's what.

I've done a bit of cover work on Kerrang before and it's a very different station from all the others I've ever worked on. Everything about this show looks, sounds and feels f#cking great. That's the reason I've signed up to do it. I intend to keep this blog upto date as I negotiate my way through the process but I'm, for the first time in a while, genuinely busy so the entries will not always be up on time.

I get a little mention here.

Keep the faith.



Lloydd said…
It's says on the website "Stand Up Comic Nick Margerrison will present the new late show". I can think of three different words I'd use to describe you....
Dodgy Doctor said…
Ah, El Presidente! Will be good to have you back on the airwaves, I used to listen to you on Hallam, but never found out why you stopped doing the phone in show, from what I can tell your show on Kerrang! is in a similar format to the true Nick at Night. I hope so, always kept me listening. Keep up the good fight against wackiness!

Dodgy Doctor

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