Jumping James . . . (24th. Monday)

It's difficult not to be in awe as regards the price of parking in Birmingham. Kerrang sits just on the very edge of the premium parking rate zone so if you f#ck up you pay a fortune. My senior producer has already been fined a couple of times for not having a ticket or having one that runs out on him.

Land ownership is the root of all social inequality. Parking is one of my pet hates. I've blogged about it in the past here, here, here and here. Oh and over here. You could say it's a bit of a pet hate. I even tried to launch an exciting political campaign about it once but it never quite took root.

The fact that here in Birmingham you pay, for example, £1.80 but still get no change from £2 is actually stealing. And that, my friend is the work of a c#nt.



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