(Tuesday) Films fly

I watched my mate Toby Foster storm it tonight at a club in Manchester called XS Malarkey. The club itself is one of those nice little independant comedy clubs that manage to exist outside of the Jongulers world booking alternative acts as well as the mainstream. I've never quite worked out where Toby Foster sits as a comedian. Is he mainstream or alternative? I imagine it's exactly the sort of question he'd balk at.

The club was celebrating an anniversary. I think it was 10 years but I might be wrong. It was packed out as a consequence but nontheless I was still surprised when old school legend Jimmy Cricket pushed his way past me with a polite "scuse me there, thanks, etc". He was making his way towards the stage! Bonkers. Jimmy Cricket playing an alternative Manchester comedy venue. He was good as well. Not (if I'm honest) as good as Toby was but it was so surreal to see that I couldn't help but laugh. There's no reason why acts like that shouldn't be able to gig alongside everyone else.

Following on from him we had Mark Steel. He was good but didn't quite grab me in the same way as the previous two acts. Great presence, good material and fantastic delivery just not quite exciting enough. The atmosphere in the club was fantastic though and I was excited to be there.



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