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Modern combents

Open the birth

Lick the leaves

Kippers and blood

Jumping doh


Underscore hash plus pears equals nosh

I'm hacking away at the backlog even though...

Sometimes I think I'm...

Never EVER going to catch up...

22nd... Skip to the end and a blur of activity...



19th Fribbleday

18th Of the Munch...

17th The grobbler and the grub.

16th Of the mother bumph.

15th Strike the match...

14th Of Fear...

13th Shingles

12th Frumpy day

11th of the delisious.

Weds 10th of Naghill

(Tuesday) 9th of Doom.

Under and over the mill

First ever sexy Sunday.

The suckler...

Skizz is over rated.

Everybody's nowadays

Snooze into your nibbles.

Bloating the bus.

Tramps and sh#te

Dan The Phlegm guy sends me a nice text.

Piano blumes into the night. Kiss the sounds as they leave your mind.

Scrunch (Friday)