Bloating the bus.

Post show analysis with the boss. Everyone's reasonably pleased but aware that we're going to improve bits here and there. I feel a lot more relaxed having actually done the first show. I think this is true for everyone. What's required now is a few weeks of momentum and we'll be able to assess things properly.

As predicted this blog has rapidly become out of date I've no idea when I'll actually get time to write up this entry. I'm geniuely bust at the moment. It's a weird feeling.

During the day we're doing various interviews so we can build up a bank of stuff to play out in the future. Today I did an interview with a guy called Oliver Rowe and we tried something a bit different. I explained to him that we were going to only ask him two questions; "Who are you?" and "What do you want?". He agreed to try it out.

I then shouted "WHO ARE YOU?" and "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" at him for about half an hour. It was excruciating to do and ended with him gasping "ah - I can't do this". He then left the mic. As we did the interview via ISDN line it wasn't clear entirely what had happened but we're going to try and edit the results into something worth listening to. I'm quite excited about it.



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