Dan The Phlegm guy sends me a nice text.

My nerves keep coming off and on in flashes. I spend the day with family eating nice home cooked food and picking up essentials for the flat. Unfortunately I don't yet have an internet connection so as a consequence I'll probably end up getting behind with the blog. Already I'm getting a much higher level of traffic to this place but at the same time I'm determined to keep to the ethic of the thing. A post a day. I've been doing it for years. I'm f#cked if I'm going to compromise that. As a result people who click through to here from the Kerrang site will just have to put up with old out of date posts as I try to catch up.

It's strange going from a period of relative inactivity to one where I'm genuinely busy. We're aiming for a quota of three interviews a night on the new show and as a result loads of my time is spent either recording or preparing for them.

Also I'm writing and recording a few sketches and a bit of nonsense here and there as well as getting back on top of the papers. I've been a whole year almost without really giving a sh#t about the world. Now I'm preparing to re-engage with the whole thing.

A large part of me just wants to get tomorrow night over and done with. Lets get rolling. Get all the "wahh - it's not The Asylum" sh#t out of the way.



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