First ever sexy Sunday.

We got a bloke on the show tonight from Loaded magazine to talk about chat up lines. It was a pre-recorded interview. He told us that, surprise, surprise, "chat up lines don't really work". I don't think I've ever heard that they do to be honest. We also had a model in the studio, with her big boyfriend standing in the corner watching closely. It was an odd show. I'm still very much getting used to being on air and in the new environment.

It's quite slow on calls at the moment and we're not really pushing that element of things. I'm trying really hard to avoid places like Digitalspy and so forth. I don't really need crit on the show just yet. I need to do a month or so of it first and then look at where I'm at.

Also, I'm getting very worried about how out of date this blog is. There's a massive increase in the numbers of people reading it but there's nothing new for them to read. These entries are inevitably going to be really f#cking short so for the moment I've upped the page displays to 5.



Lloydd said…
I prefer it when your blog entries are kept to one subject and one paragraph.

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