Modern combents

Take time off air because of a Warchild special. It feels like a mistake.


jodester said…
XFM manchester have got football commmentary rights and have to take over from clint boon's show music response some evenings when there are late games midweek, so that the show is not completely cancelled they continue online/ and on DAB
you should ask your techies if you can do this also perhaps next time there's a special one off event that they want to put on.. ? just an idea x
Leather Face said…
Hi Nick, long time no speak. Haven't read your blog for ages, got too busy with this and that. Anyway prefer the shorter style.

Just read that you interviewed "David Cronenberg" do you have the recording if so are you going to put it on youtube? Also I hope you told him to start making good films again like "Shivers", "Rabid", "Scanners", "Deadzone", "Naked Lunch" and "Dead Ringers".

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