Piano blumes into the night. Kiss the sounds as they leave your mind.

Spend the first half of the day f#cking about doing boring stuff like securing my inventory for my new flat and making sure the water board have my details. Then we head over to Manchester for a mate's birthday party. It's reasonably uneventful, largely because my mind is locked into the fact that I start doing a national radio show on Monday. It's hard to engage with people when I'm like this. It reminds me a little of how I became when I was doing the phone in on Hallam FM. There was a point when I only really spoke to a very small group of people. Not as part of any sort of plan but simply because I couldn't focus on conversations. Writing this out now makes me worry a bit.

It's the nerves though.

I spot a guy at the bar who looks exactly like my mate Dave Henning. In my confusion I text him and tell him. He replies with "Yeah, it was me I just ignored you."

"Thought so, you c#nt" I reply.

"Ha ha. F#cking love you man. When does the big show start?"

I get solidly drunk on Pear Cider and then talk nonsense to my girlfriend.



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