Scrunch (Friday)

One of my new collegues Johnny Doom tells me that I wasn't hallucinating last night. There really is a giant f#cking eye which watches over Birmingham. "Some crazy f#cking illuminati sh#t right?" he jokes.

My final weekend before "The Big Show" begins. All the early signs are good. I like the two people who will be working with me. I like Birmingham and I like Kerrang. The only concern is that I'm f#cking sh#tting my pants. Other than that I'm fine.

I go to sleep with these thoughts and then have a dream where I'm offered a straight up phone in show like the old one on Hallam FM or the chance to try and make this new show on Kerrang work. In the dream I decide to stay in my comfort zone and do the old style phone in show but as soon as the decision is made I regret it. I spend the rest of the night wandering about in dream world regretting my haste and lack of courage.

Previously I've had a dream where I do the first show and the whole thing is a massive f#cking disaster! I mean really bad. Someone tells me that's good because 'what happens in dreams rarely takes place in real life'.

Nerves are good though right?



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