Skizz is over rated.

Ye f#cking mother f#cking c#nting b#llocking c#nts! I'm walking back up towards my car, it's Friday but I'm at work because even though I'm not on air tonight it's do sh#t day. So, I'm walking up towards my car. Surely my eyes are decieving me, looks like there's a parking ticket on my car. How silly. I've got four hours booked in that space. Funny how the mind plays tricks. But, wait. No really. What the f#ck? I've got a ticket. B#llocks.

Surely, there must be some mistake? I wander up to the car in shock and look at my clearly displayed ticket right behind my PENALTY NOTICE. What the f#ck? I'm in shock. There's sh#te and there's sh#te.

Fueled by indignant rage I storm off and do what any angry Englishman does in such a situation. I write a stern letter. I then revise it a bit. I then re-write it to make it a bit more stern. I then sanitise it and finish up with a rather matter of fact account of things which frankly wouldn't offend anyone. I then post it.

Then I realise that the postal strike may affect things a bit. So I resolve to take decisive action about it next week. A resolution it's obvious I won't stick to.



Enoch Powell said…
Perhaps they should print parking tickets in Nigerian, so the attendant as well as the customer can read it.

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