Snooze into your nibbles.

Still feels like I'm finding my feet with the show. I don't quite feel like I've found my "Kerrang" voice. I made a pact with Tim that as soon as I felt the show click I'd text him. I've not yet texted him. That's not to say that the show is awful, it's just not yet what it will be. They say it takes about three months for a show to really bed in. The old Hallam FM show took about that. The show we're replacing, The Asylum, took about that.

It's funny because I remember listening to The Asylum early on and thinking it was awful. The difference between that show at the show it became was vast.

On the other hand I think Tim's settled in straight away on breakfast. Kate Lawler came up and chatted to me today. She was jolly nice. In retrospect it's not surprising given that Big Brother was, at that point, a selection process designed to find people who are nice. I think. To be honest I didn't really watch that one much. Anyway, she seemed nice. We chatted about Weight Watchers and Slimming World. The reccomends the latter. I need to sort my weight situation out. I'm eating loads of f#cking sh#t. I can actually feel myself getting fatter.



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