The male conquering instinct...

I'm hooked on 'Tanks'. It's a Playstation game. Not Playstation 3 or Playstation 2, no Playstation 1. I've had it for about 8 years. It's not even called 'Tanks', it's actually called Warzone 2100 but it involves a lot of tanks so I call it 'Tanks'.

It tells you how many hours you've spent on each particular campaign and I reckon in total I must have spent literally months of my life stuck in that world. This is why I must never get into stuff like World Of Warcraft or indeed any online gaming. My personality type can't withstand it.

According to an article in The Daily Mail* I'm satisfying my male conquering instinct with it. In fact judging by the article in question it appears that with this new research top scientists** have proved conclusively that playing this game actually makes me a w#nker. A w#nker of the worst kind, sort of like Adolf Hitler.

I am inclined to think though, that perhaps if genocidal maniacs slated their urges on silly computer games the world would be a better place. How many 'would be gangsters' have wasted their time farting about on GTA 4***? Perhaps scientists** should investigate that.


*I f#cking love the Daily Mail. It's like a mad old man drunk in a pub ranting. Great fun to listen to but not something you'd like to be seen enjoying too much.

**Scientists eh? They're brilliant. I always wanted to be a scientist but was dissapointed in my early teens when I found out that I lacked the necessary intelligence.

***GTA4? That's Grand Theft Auto 4, a game clearly aimed at w#nkers.


Mr Tea Belly said…
I think thats the first open and unique opinion I've heard about the Daily Mail in a long time.

I hate the rag myself, mind.

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