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I keep writing giant blog entries which I then never publish. I wrote a long piece about my mate David Icke which was called, "David Icke, politician, entertainer or nutter?". It was rendered swiftly out of date after we had him on The Night Before and he announced he was going to stand in the Haltemprice and Howden byelection*.

Following that I wrote an impassioned rant about how wrong the new law allowing the police to lock people up for 42 days without charge was. Before I had chance to finish that I hit the airwaves and spent most of the show talking about the same subject. "Is no one going to do anything about it?" I bleated and sure enough the next day, David Davis, who we also had on the show on the same night as Icke, made his stand.

I don't trust politicians but Davis seemed like a good enough bloke when I chatted to him. Then again that's part of the problem in life. People often seem okay when you talk to them. Alexie Sayle eloquently made this point recently, during his excellent Liverpool documentary** series:

"That's the problem with celebrity parties, you end up chatting to people you hate and thinking things like 'that Gordon Brown's not such a one eyed Scottish loony after all, I had a really nice conversation with him about cats!'"

Testimony suggests that even Hitler was a pretty nice guy when you got to know him. In fact, if we're to believe recent stories about him in the papers, he had a great sense of humour***. It's hard to imagine a genocidal maniac being amusing. Then again I've always found it hard to believe anyone laughs at Two Pints of Larger and a Packet of Crisps.


* Click here for some of the press articles which were written about it.

** "Alexei Sayle's Liverpool".

***I kid you not. Click here.


Anonymous said…
You interview like a child, Its nothing short of shocking.

Get a new career you fucking suck at this one.
Nicholarse said…

Anonymous said…
Really, I think it's not a bad blog, and in general you have alot of logic behind some of the things you say. Your show's really great, I enjoy alot of the topics and points you make, you're a good guy.

Thanks for expressing your opinions.

Anonymous said…
^_^ i like the way you interview, no bullshit, straight to the point! and its different :P dont get that a lot
*hi fives* :D


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