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I'm trying to develop a theory. It's not quite finished yet. It's currently a half thought which I'd like people to steal and develop.

I like playing Monopoly. Actually to be more precise - I like the idea of playing Monopoly. The reality usually becomes tedious and I don't think I've ever completed a game in one sitting. I've been doing a bit of research and most people I've asked are the same, they like the idea of a game of Monopoly but when faced with the reality few claim to have actually finished the f#cking thing. One of my mates distinctly remembers completing the game only by storing it and playing the same game later in the week. I'm not sure that counts. I'm talking about a start to finish, one session game, where one person is the winner without breaking the rules and everyone is satisfied with the outcome. In all my years I've never known that happen.

That, to me, seems significant when you consider that it's a game which is designed to work as a metaphor for the capitalist system*. If you presume that ending the game is the metaphorical equivalent of death you've got a pretty solid idea of where chasing money gets you in life. Not dead but dead and bored.

Like I say, it's a half thought. It's not yet great. It needs someone else to take it and run with it. Just make sure that if you are that person when you're getting your Nobel prize or whatever you mention your old pal Nicholarse.


*The history of Monopoly is fascinating. It started out as a game which was designed to show that land ownership was the root of all social evil. It was inspired by the radical politics of a bloke called Henry George.


Mindstorm1 said…
Nice idea but i don't really think that it will catch on as most people do not understand metaphors to them it's just a game . Argh but there is the rub . A game where you are encouraged to play against your family , to take what belongs to them , their money , their property and to compete for overall dominance . Greed is good , take what you can before others can get it and if they have it take it from them . What a game that was and is intended for families to play . Maybe someone should start an online pettition against Monopoly and make it ®18 . The reason being that it corrupts kids minds and brainwashes them into thinking that 'Physical Ownership' is cool and normal . Then again if it's banned they will only play 'Manhunt' so maybe we should let sleeping dogs lye and let them have the lesser evil !.
Anonymous said…
um.... i found this on a site called "" im sure you are aware of it >.>

Obama is just the current puppet, used as an example i guess.

"i can only imagine trying to explain to an alien why we allow the suffering to humanity on this planet.

President Obama - Glk Glk see we dont have the money to cover all humans with insurance.

Alien Glk Glk - money, insurance ?

President Obama - yes you know, currency. Im sure you have a system of currency on your homeworld ?

Alien Glk Glk - we are not familiar with this concept, please explain.

President Obama - we use currency to trade and barter for things that we need and want. It allows us to buy food and medicine. And if we have a lot of currency we can buy luxury items beyond the basic necessities.

Alien Glk Glk - and what happens to a human that doesnt have this currency ?

President Obama - well he will likely be in a prison. he wont own a home and probably will be very unhealthy because he cant afford to buy nutrient rich foods and have medical care.

Alien Glk Glk - why do you pollute your planet and burn this substance called oil ? cant you see its destroying your ecosystem ? We can give you a technology to get energy without damaging the planet.

President Obama - no thanks. you see a technology like that would eliminate millions of jobs. and like i explained before, humans need these jobs to get currency to buy the things they need. Besides we already have this technology, we just dont use it.

Alien Glk Glk - how is it that humans allow this system to exist and not advance beyond such a crude ideology ?

President Obama - Oh thats easy. We control the education system. We simply dont teach humans that there is any possibility of a system without money. We instead teach our humans at a very early age about systems of credit, consumption, and how to get a job.

Alien Glk Glk - we have studied your genome sequence for decades. We can offer you technology to end all diseases.

President Obama - again no thank you. You see 1/6 of our economy relies on managing healthcare of people. a technology that instantly cures all diseases would eliminate millions of jobs. Plus we sorta need people to die because there are just too many humans around.

Alien Glk Glk - what is this prison you spoke of ?

President Obama - a place to hold and punish people who break the laws.

Alien Glk Glk - laws ?

President Obama - a system of rules people follow. we have thousands of laws in place to ensure people act the way we want them too. If someone violates a law we send them to a prison for a certain amount of time. For example if a person steals money we send them to prison to punish them. surely you have laws ?

Alien Glk Glk - we have a few universal laws like dont kill sentient beings but I must admit Im tempted to break that one at the moment. You restrict medicine and food from people. You then put them in prison if they break a law trying to get food and medicine ?

President Obama - yes because honestly we dont want too many people getting food and medicine, this goes back to our population problems. anyway can we get some weapons ? you see some of the other nations and people dont like this currency system so we would like to kill them and put the rest into these prisons.

Alien Glk Glk - give technology to such a savage species ? we offer free energy and technology to end diseases and you ask for weapons instead ? it is time we left."

sick. i hope anyone who read it enjoyed it and took something from it :P ^-^

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