I now have a Twitter account. I intend to 'Twitter' for exactly two weeks and then sign off. At the moment it's fun and I have a total of 20 people who give a crap about my inane updates, things like "I'm eating vegetable stew - my girlfriend made it. Nice. Got some crusty bread with it". If you're one of those people, 'hello', and if you'd like to be here's the direct link to my profile:

In the meantime I've been trying to write a book. It's about my belief in UFOs. Although it's fun planning it I'm hitting snags here and there at the moment so it's putting me in a bad mood. I do believe in UFOs but I can't really work out why. That's one of the snags.

Charlie Brooker reviewed my TV show, Esoteria, in the Guardian recently. It's not an entirely favourable review but I'll take the phrase "clever people gone wrong" and use it as my epitaph. At some point I will upload parts of the TV show to my YouTube channel as all the internet uploads I've seen so far are pretty poor quality OR take ages to load. I'm still very proud of the shows we've done so far. There's some really mindblowing stuff in there and some of the finest guests we've ever interviewed.

Apologies to regular blog readers - this blog has been all but defunct for some time now. The Kerrang show takes up almost all of my time. I think this will remain as an occasionally updated website for the forseeable future.



Apologies to me alone, you mean.

*blows enormous raspberry*
Rory Simmonds said…
This comment has been left at around 23:50 01 April 2009, it is approximately 2 grams and is very upset at being abandoned. It likes warm fires and back rubs, take good care of it Nick.

Anonymous said…
what the f**k nick your internet page is a load os s**t i think you have droped your style on the night before work harder you havent had a good band on in age and no good guests tell alex to find more goodens

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