More things I have noticed...

More things I have noticed...

Bad days.

Some days are just bad. You wake up, bang your toe catch your sleeve on a door handle spill your tea on the carpet and forget to bring something important in to work. Days like these should be treated with a sarcastic and knowing smile.

Audi Drivers.

I know this is a generalisation (and that they don't work, generally) but why is it that all Audi drivers are such clucking twunts? Those four rings on a car seem to encourage people to literally drive like a ringpiece. Like a bad day, I think it might be for the best that we treat Audi drivers with a sarcastic and knowing smile.

Sunny days make the world seem impossibly nice.

A sunny day lifts your mood like nothing else. Optimism is everywhere and the troubles you faced yesterday don't seem quite so bleak. Days like this should be treated as the source of your sarcastic and knowing smiles.


Laird Hex said…
I had a sarcastic and knowing smile once, and then some one I worked with at the time said that I was smug, I treated this with a sarcastic and knowing smile, and later that week the company went bust and everyone lost their jobs except the person who thought I was smug... then she had a sarcastic and knowing smile.... not really a point to that story just thought I would share.
Nicholarse said…
I have to take issue with you there. There's an obvious point to your story, it provides a perfect punchline to my entry.
Jeremy Clarkson decreed all Audi drivers to be cocks on Top Gear. All the cocks used to drive BMW's but now they are buying Audi's.

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