So, you've left Kerrang then? And other FAQ's...

So, you've left Kerrang then?

Yup. Wrapped the show up this month. Thanks to all the listeners and callers and guests, it obviously wouldn't have been the same without you.

Why did you leave?

Money: there simply wasn't enough of it to continue doing the show as it was. It's worth pointing out that I've not fallen out with anyone and I sincerely wish Kerrang all the best. There's a great team of people there, all of whom are friends of mine, including the boss Gordon Davidson who is a jolly good bloke.

Are you still doing the TV show?

Yes. We're about to start filming another set soon. As with the last one you'll need to watch it on Sky 200, it's called Esoteria and it focuses on some of the more far out stuff we touched on in the radio show.

Are you leaving radio then?

No. I've met with quite a lot of important radio people over the last few days and will bring you more on that when I can via this blog.

Finally, thanks to all the people who have emailed/tweeted/facebooked their nice words about the show to me recently. It's hard to know what to say in reply so a lot of them haven't had a response but they were all appreciated.


PS - I feel a bit pretentious doing an FAQ but it seemed like the best solution. Feel free to use the comments section below.


Neil said…
Thanks for the update, appreciated. Make sure you let us know where you'll end up next, and also try to make sure you podcast off the back of it... it's sometimes tricky listening to live radio here in France.
Laird Hex said…
loved the TV show, glad its back but DUDE I DONT HAVE SKY and to be honest, getting sky TV for one show would be a bit strange... so... any chance of a download?

also, really miss the show. listened for ages, to be honestest i only like talk radio so ive not listened to Kerrrrrang (never know how many R's so i went nuts to hide my ignorance) )since it stoped :(

you no thinking about doing a podcast to appease your dedicated followers until you get back on the air?

(as we all know i looooooove the podcasts, my 3rd show starts next tuesday)

thanks for the updates and all the great hours of radio you did for us to enjoy.
Anonymous said…
Hey mate, just want to say, Thanks very much to you, alex and amy for putting on a fantastic show every night.
I've listened to the show since day 1, alot of people didn't think the evening show could live up to Tim shaws show, but In all honesty, It blew his show out of the water, the amount of variety and controversy in your show was amazing. Its such a shame to see such a radio show lose its place in today's ever growing mind.

There will never be a radio show as good as the night before, unless of course you manage to recreate this show at another station, but i doubt you will be able to find the freedom you could at kerrang.
But as they say, life goes on, I hope you keep your blog up to date.
And thankyou for opening the eyes and ears of the nation.
Anonymous said…
Twas a great show. sunday to thursday wont be the same for a while. Still Good luck in whatever radio station you go to. please play decent music there. I have heard rumours it is Q radio 99% sure it's not but let me know.

The plan to take over the world is near. with our one and only leader EL Presidente and his trusty companions Alex & Amy.

:-) LOL

All the best
Steve Barrasford
Niall said…
Dude, first i just like to say...
Secondly i want to say that i totally loved the show, my mate introduced me to it and at first i was a little sceptical about it cause he told me about the aliens and stuff, but i over came that and i listened everynight, i just loved your show man, you guys were a real inspiartion, and the show really opened my mind to the wider world and i love you for it man

best luck in the future dude

p.s remeber the listeners when your El Presidente
Anonymous said…
Ever thought about making internet radio maybe?
Re-arrange these words to learn the truth as to why Nick left Kerrang! Radio: Good, Nick, Sacked, Was, Actually Being, For, Being, Too.
Anonymous said…
Nick wasn't sacked for being to good "" He was sacked for monetry issues. In part yes because he was to good to give a pay cut it is easier to let people go. I'm Sure he'll find another radio station because talent doesn't get wasted and if all else fails theres plently of morrisons around. I'm not taking the p*** either a jobs a job. Just think of the night before as a best friend you had when you were small that died. Its not going to come back but you can make new friends
Cleo said…
Aww, I loved the show. Ah well, all good things must come to an end. It would be absolute amazing if you could do some internet radio, or put the TV show up online, since I don't have Sky. D:

Listening to the show actually really matured my thinking and opened my mind to a lot of different things. My week day nights will never be the same again.
Anonymous said…
i have been having withdrawral symptoms since the show was cut off

i can remember to this day the first ever night befor show and i just thaught you were another radio t**t that replaced the ever great timothy, the great show then grabbed my brain and i became a compulsive listener
EL presidente nick rocks!
steve, close follower to the cause
Anonymous said…
Ahh i really enjoyed that show, im going to miss it.
Anonymous said…
Man, the end of an era. It was good while it lasted and to be honest it should still be going now. What can I listen to now to fill the void of darkness that the extinguishing of TNB has left? Some noobs on radio 1 perhaps? No, no-one compares to the voices of Nick, Alex and the nations sweetheart Amy Jones.

Good luck for the future, and keep your loyal followers updated!

tl;dr: You own.
Anonymous said…
Nice to see you have joined the LBC 97.3 team.
Anonymous said…
Looking forward to hearing you on LBC.

Nice one.
Anonymous said…
You were great on LBC last night! A different style, but I like it.

I hope to hear a lot more

Anonymous said…
What a good first show on LBC. You owned the show within approximatly 45 mins. Can't ask for more than that. Liked your talk up with late night legend Clive Bull too. (Envious of his tomatoes , though he grew them from small plants so effectivly thats a cheat). Hope it works out for you there. You sounded at home .
Anonymous said…
Crap show on LBC - No where near as good as Bill Buckley - my late nights are ruined by this numoty who does nothing but polls callers and make lists.

Bet he's not at LBC long.
Anonymous said…
hey, is there any way at all of downloading your old "night before" podcasts, i loved your show and wanted to relisten to some of them. Unfortunately I can only find one available on the net :( any help would be great, thanks, andy
Anonymous said…
I've caught up with a couple of the podcasts of your shows on LBC. I thought you were a bit over caustious but it was sort of an audition wasn't it? You got great caller volume for a newbie. Looking forward to your return. According to Jonathan Richards he has 'high hopes for you'... me too.
Anonymous said…
Great to see that you are back on LBC next week . I will have a word with my bodyclock, stay awake and hopefully contribute to the show.(Though, TBH, its likely to be more lighthearted input if I can work it in! :)

Good stuff.
Anonymous said…
Are you going to appear on LBC again or did the dreaded swine flu ( even if it was self diagnosed) scupper your chances? I hope your are, cos, for whats its worth, I thought you delivered excellent radio for a new audience debut.:-)

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