My cast iron guarantee has rusted.

'Politics is show business for ugly people' - Jay Leno.

I don't bother voting, I think they're all a waste of time. Perhaps that's the wrong attitude but I've yet to be impressed by a politician and it's against my deeply held religious beliefs.

Long term blog readers will remember there was a brief period of my life where I dabbled in stand-up comedy. During that time I learned that comedians are fiercely protective of their material. Stories of a comedian who feels he's had a line stolen by a lesser talent often end in brutal revenge, and rightly so. I wonder if the same is true for politicians?

David Cameron made a 'cast iron guarantee' in The Sun to their readers that there would be a referendum on Europe. Now, apparently, he can't have one because of ... I don't know or care, they just make it all up really don't they?

Anyway, the practical upshot of all this is that the pro-Europe brigade have been coming along and giving quotes to the media with a 'hilarious' joke in there. See if you can spot it:

Chris Bryant (who looks quite good in just his underpants):

Chris Bryant, the Europe Minister, said it was now clear that Mr Cameron would be forced to abandon his "cast iron guarantee" that a Conservative government would hold a referendum on the treaty. "Now he is clearly saying that there is not going to be a referendum so his cast iron is already rusting pretty badly," he told the BBC.

[Source - The Times Online Novermber 3rd 2009 - Czech court gives go-ahead to Lisbon treaty]

Then there's Lord Mandelson (who looks quite good in his robes):

Lord Mandelson, the business secretary, told Sky News: "It looks as if that cast-iron guarantee has become very rusty indeed. I don't think he's being entirely honest with the British people

[Source - The Guardian Novermber 4th 2009 - Davis challenges Cameron with call for referendum on relationship with EU]

I wonder who came up with this hilarious line first?

There lurks in my mind the awful possibility that it was written for them. Particularly after I read this story, also in The Guardian, about Gordon Brown paying out $40,000 for "West Wing Writers" to tailor some of his speeches to an American audience. I wonder how much a 'joke' might cost you to purchase if you're a humorless politician? Perhaps after the expenses scandal politicians are looking to save a bit of cash by re-cycling their material.

I'll vote for the first one to say that 'Cameron's cast iron guarantee was a load of shit'.


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