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Just jump infront of the car... it'll be fine.

"Tony B'liar"... "Jail Tony"... "Blair lied - thousands died"...

Global war and global warming.

Blog off!

UFOs are real and the Governments are covering it up

The Blairs are a symptom of the decline of our civilisation.

Carl Sagan's "Cosmos"

Monster Munch, M&S’s “Yummy” Biscuits and Cheryl's Coles.

Blame Alan Moore.

Cheeky fart fact?

It's stuck in my brainium

My drink problem

Bit of Discrodian nonsense for you...

Proving my geek credentials with a bit of Dr Who crit.

SPOTTED: Heidi Fleiss on Shaftsbury avenue, wandering about on her own.

You can't marry Claudia Schiffer and not expect a bit of grief...

An Arabian Night in Stratford

'You've just got a generic face' - The Mighty Boosh

Well that was a strange dream...

You heard it here first.

Spitting image.

Lets put the 'Bovine' back into Britain.

What do I snow?

Religion, it's funny isn't it?

Sherlock Holmes gets the Guy Ritchie treatment, whatever that is.


"Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of God" - Jim Morrison.

Celebrity Big Bother.

Who ate all the mince pies?

Ooo ... looks like that hurt!