Bit of Discrodian nonsense for you...

One of the High Popes of Discordia Robert Anton Wilson used to enjoy casting the following spell: start noticing the number 23, it's important but we don't know why. In my life, 23 is the exact number of letters to appear in my full name "Nicholas Paul Margerrison". It's in the date I first aired the now infamous Edgar Mitchell interview (23 July) where the 6th man on the moon dished out his truth nuggets regarding extra terrestrials*. And the day it was announced I was leaving my old radio station was the 23rd June.

I spoke to my Mother about this a few months ago and she told me she'd always considered the number to be her lucky one. She's not versed in Discordianism. It's just a co-incidence. When you start looking for 23's you'll start to expect them.

Me and a mate went out drinking recently and struck up a conversation with a friendly scottish bloke. He had the number on his t-shirt. This was about five minutes after I'd explained to my mate that 23's have a habit of turning up when you start to look for them.

It's known as The 23 Enigma. The important point to consider if you're going to try looking for this is that it is and must remain an enigma. Any attempts to explain it defeat the point, which must remain an enigma.

In closing I'm aware of the fact that there was even a film made about it featuring Jim Carey. I haven't watched it and unless someone posts a great review of it in the comments section, I have no plans to do so either. Far better to read Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson.


*It was an interview which went around the world thanks to our interconnected global news media. Some people might think this was deliberate and that I specially picked the date to make the point.


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