Blame Alan Moore.

22nd of January.

Alan Moore* is very clever. He once explained to me the reason he took an interest in magick is that Dr John Dee** believed in it. Alan Moore's logic was pretty simple, Dr John Dee was very clever and he believed in it so perhaps there is something in it. Ironic that the reason I take it seriously is because Alan Moore thinks there's something in it...

Now, given my previous experiences with this kind of thing perhaps it's an area I should just leave alone. However, given my previous experiences in this kind of thing it's an area that's very hard to leave alone***. Particularly when you add the fact that I don't sincerely believe in it. These are the reasons I often end up wandering around occult/new age shops in London.

Yesterday I bought and read a book called 'Enochian Vision Magick' by Lon Milo DuQuette. It's a book about how you can use the system of magick described by Dr John Dee to call up angels and demons of your very own. It describes the complex mechanics of the sigillium (pictured above) and explains how to make one of your own, fashioned onto a wax disc. It gives you the enochian chants you'll need to call spirits into your frame of consciousness during a magickal ritual in your very own home. It's stark raving bonkers!

I loved it.

What's so brilliant about it is that the writer**** is, aside from calling up demons, sane. He has a sense of humor and a relaxed style of writing. The way he frames the whole thing is very logical. Part of the thrill was in imagining myself actually following his step by step instructions. Most books on magick have huge sections that are almost incomprehensible, this book was as easy to follow as a Ben Elton potboiler.

Once I'd finished I went off to bed having been thoroughly entertained.

Today I woke up having had a fit of vivid dreams and terrifying nightmares. Demons and Angels taking to me and guiding me through the dreamworld. I'd read some of the chants outloud and that was enough for them, went the dream's narrative. It was like a lucid dream but without it being entirely under my control. There was the ever present threat that I'd forget I was dreaming and take the experience to be real. I was taken through my life story and shown where demons and angels had become involved, for better or worse. Like Scrooge although without the transformation at the end.

Can't tell you how relieved I was to be woken up by my little lady with a nice cup of tea. Firmly back in the real world my first though was, "how funny, that'll make a good blog entry".


*Writer of various brilliant comics, including The Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Promethea, From Hell... in fact he's a genius and everything he's written has at least some merit to it. I interviewed him on Kerrang and there's a good YouTube vid of it here: YOUTUBE VIDEO OF ALAN MOORE.

**Queen Elizabeth I's personal adviser. One of his most celebrated achievements was predicting/causing the storm that practically destroyed the Spanish Armada. Aside from that he's a fascinating historical figure.

***What am I going on about? CLICK HERE for the relevant entry.

****Who I've also interviewed although tragically his interview doesn't yet exist on the net. Perhaps I should post it up?


Laird Hex said…
Thats an interesting take you have on things there.

I agree with most of what you have to say and after many an evening listening to the interviews over on the 'Red Ice Creations' website i have been perplexed about magik (or magic or however your supposed to spell it when your talking about the 'real' stuff)

you see on one had i think we live in an interdenominational mess of reality where everything appears to overlap with the next, but on the other hand after reading the 'holographic universe' I can see the logic of a structured scientific (if fringe) construction to the universe.

However are the two mutually exclusive?

do you have to believe in the super natural to accept that there are more things in heaven and earth than those dreamed of by men? (not an exact quote I'm sure)

maybe the rituals an magical workings tap into a science that we just don't understand.

or maybe all the people who practive it get the job done with willpower and force of beleif.

or maybe its all a load of old crap.

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