Blog off!

"To read a newspaper is to refrain from reading something worthwhile." - Aleister Crowley*

If you're a blogger like me you will be horrified by the following story...

Compare and contrast the following articles:

A 'devastating expose' of life as a female air traffic controller: CLICK HERE.

The original blog entry, with its emoticons and smiley faces. Overall it seems like she was having a lot of fun as a female air traffic controller: CLICK HERE.

Then go read the words of the same blogger who is reacting to her words being so dramatically taken out of context without her even getting a word of warning: CLICK HERE.

The poor woman didn't get a phone call, an email, or even so much as a tweet, to check the accuracy of the opening article. The first she hears about it is via a sympathetic friend who didn't realise her working life was such hell. The blogger, Melanie Schregardus, has her words used to fit the news agenda and describe her colleagues in air traffic control as "male chauvinist pigs". All this complete with a picture of her grinning away! Which presumably they got from the internet.

In short, they took her blog entry and used it to say that her colleagues were all a##eholes.

The above is an extreme example but it is a cautionary reminder that anything you post online could, in future, return in a form you don't recognise. I've deleted my facebook account but it was only a few years ago that a mate of mine showed me a piece of code which you could add to the address bar when browsing and, according to him, you could then access any part of that site. Recently there were problems with it being hacked so perhaps this is something they've now dealt with. However nothing you put online is private. Keep that in mind, even if you're just twittering.


*Picked this quote up from a great article about this subject which I found here: CLICK HERE.


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