I never really got into Facebook. Today I finally deleted my account. I just don't get it. Being a member of Facebook was like being at a party. I felt I should be having fun but was constantly confused by the fact I wasn't. The end result was, I started to wonder if there was just something wrong with me. Everyone else seemed to be having a great time, why was I the exception?

What's so great about looking at pictures of people? I find pictures of people depressing. They either don't look as good as you remember them or like more of a poser than you thought they were. The occasional picture looks good but so what? Furthermore why do I want to be 'poked'? More importantly why do I want to add to a giant database of information that gathers together all of my associates names, their thoughts, my thoughts, tittle tattle etc? Orwell would be spinning in his grave.

I'm also pretty sure I managed to offend or upset a few people by not accepting their friend requests or replying to their 'pokes'. The reason for this was that my first flirtations with the site were a few years back when I registered with the intent of sorting out my profile at a later date. After that I got a series of friend requests from a mixture of people I used to know, people I know and people I've briefly met. This created an odd mish mash of different social circles. Add to that various listeners to the different radio shows I've done and it ended up being quite confusing working out who I knew and how.

After leaving the site alone for quite some time the list of friend requests was in the 250 mark. Then the 'you've been tagged in a picture' malarky started. Que a load of pictures of me getting drunk with friends. Now, I've never been comfortable with pictures of myself. I'm not the most photogenic person in the world and a rare good picture will only depress you in the future. Why I want people to be able to look at shots of me acting like a nob in a pub I don't know. Then finally I realised I'd been 'poked' by people. I think I poked them back, it's hard to tell.

Ultimately I left the party pleased I was no longer part of it. You never regret going home early. If people want to contact me they can use twitter. It's much less hassle. No pictures, no odd bits to the site where you're not sure how private they are. Just a much better site. Although I hear they're adding those sort of apps as we speak...


What I like about Facebook is re-establishing contact with old friends. It's nice. For that reason alone, I keep my account open.

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