Just jump infront of the car... it'll be fine.

30th January.

I really don't understand why I ever bother driving in central London. The tube is so much easier. I regretted it as soon as I was there, weaving around the high streets looking for the 'secret parking space'. I just liked the idea of being in my own space on the way into work but it wasn't to be.

Whack! Some idiot walks right out infront of my car. I was in a queue of traffic and he just decided to stride out under the front wheels of the Margerrison mobile. Fortunately I was only going at about 8mph so I managed to slam on the breaks and he didn't succeed in getting under the car, instead he just slammed his palms down on the bonnet. He looked surprised that the laws of physics were so unforgiving.

I have a brash self image which doesn't quite tally with my reaction: a squeal and then the intense feeling that I was going to cry. The guy with his hands on my car just stood up and walked off, I'd almost hit him and he didn't seem at all shaken up as he carried on his way.

I drove on and only about five minutes later I had another incident. This time with a couple who ran out infront of the car again. This time I was going about 20mph. Despite the added speed I managed to stop well in time but I was still freaked out*.

The 'secret parking space' was compromised so I pulled into another one and let my frayed nerves carry me to work. After the show I went back and found a parking ticket on it. Ruined.


*Serves me right for driving on the pavement eh? <-- Joke. Obviously.


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